We recommend working with an eFAACT Advisor. eFAACT Advisors are independent organizations with expertise in QuickBooks, eFAACT and experienced in government contract cost accounting. Clients work with an eFAACT Advisor to organize their eF implementation plan for DCAA compliance, delegating tasks as needed. The goal of teaming with an advisor is to customize the eFAACT System implementation for your specific contracts and indirect rate structure, as well as develop standard policies and procedures.

An eFAACT Advisor is also a great resource for assisting with DCAA audits and audit preparation. Advisor fees are typically reasonable and the majority of our customers feel the investment is invaluable.

Who are Certified eFAACT Advisors and why should I consult with one?


  • Experts in helping businesses implement, learn, and use eFAACT and QuickBooks.

  • Certified by eFAACT key personnel.

  • Experienced in policies and procedures to support DCAA compliance.

  • eFAACT Advisors are government contract cost accounting specialists and DCAA audit experts.
  • Recommended Certified eFAACT Advisors

    A certified eFAACT Advisor will get you started with a clear plan, and assist as needed to customize eFAACT to support your contract and accounting requirements. eFAACT Advisor services result in standard procedures for your organization and pertinent knowledge transferred to your staff.


    Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C.

    Contact:  Michelle Jenkins, Partner

    Lead eFAACT Advisor

    (256) 489-7143

    305 Quality Circle

    Huntsville, AL 35806

    eFAACT Implementation & Support-Anglin CPA


    Ascent Accounting & Consulting, LLC

    Contact: Linda Peebles

    (256) 203-4625

    5638 Highway 53, Ste B-620

    Harvest, AL 35749

    3, LLC

    Contact: Luke Backus

    (888) 858-9919

    3312 Atlantic Circle

    Naples, FL, 34119-8638

    eFAACT GovCon Accounting Services


    AdvantEdge Technology, Inc.

    Contact: Vickie DeWolfe

    (805) 488-0405

    271 Market Street, Suite 15

    Port Hueneme, CA  93041


    Resolute Services

    Contact: Chris Stroumpis

    (703) 229-1412

    9925 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 200-154

    John’s Creek, GA 30022