About Us

Penergy Technologies, Inc. is a Virginia-based software company focused on delivering cost effective business solutions for small to mid-sized organizations.  Our eFAACT software system integrates with Intuit's QuickBooks and is dedicated to fulfilling the unique requirements of United States government contractors.

For over 25 years, eFAACT has been a leader in the arena of government compliance, especially when it pertains to government contractors using QuickBooks. Hundreds of organizations, with thousands of users around the world, rely on eFAACT to streamline operations and deliver the results required by today's government contractor.

Our mission: Help all organizations manage government contracts with the same precision as larger organizations, using less resources.

The eFAACT System is built on a modular design, yet each eFAACT customer has access to ALL features from day one. And as you, the government contractor, grows and matures in your budgeting and reporting needs, eFAACT is there to step up to the challenge. eFAACT consistently organizes your information so it is available when you are ready.

eFAACT customers are sized from 4 employees to over 400 employees and consultants.  eFAACT user logins for non-administrators are unlimited and eFAACT offers one simple rate with no activation fees.

The eFAACT data center is U.S. based, located within a Flexential facility to safeguard your databases from threat. Flexential has been a technology leader since the early days of multi-tenant IT infrastructure before the term cloud was commonplace. The decision of our leaders to partner with Flexential over twenty years ago brings proven expertise and infrastructure security, along with expected services such as daily backups, routine virus and malware scanning, disaster recovery, 24/7 access and monitoring, secure data transmission and storage using SSL encryption technology.