eFAACT Elite Cloud

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eFAACT Elite Cloud is a private virtual server constructed to federal government security specifications and designed to adjust with changing demands. eFAACT has partnered with FedHIVE  to deliver this cost effective security solution for government contractors requiring FedRamp and/or CMMC Level 2 status.  The FedHIVE team are experts in securing and protecting data.   FedHIVE has secured FedRAMP Authorization at the High Impact Baseline Level for IaaS and PaaS from the JAB ATO.

With aligned business missions, eFAACT and FedHIVE are working together to help all organizations manage and secure their government contracts with the same precision as larger organizations, using less resources.

eFAACT Elite Cloud is offered as an annual subscription which includes TWO administrator logins with access to eFAACT, QuickBooks Desktop and Microsoft Office 365 applications.  Your included eFAACT subscription continues to deliver unlimited logins for eFAACT Central users that do not require full administrative access.  The QuickBooks Desktop and Office 365 applications require independently purchased software subscriptions.