eFAACT connects with QuickBooks to organize shared information into a secured central source.  Each eFAACT subscription includes a license for one eFAACT Administrator; an administrator is granted full access to eFAACT and is required for connection to QuickBooks. eFAACT is hosted in our Virginia based data center, certifications include HIPAA, ISO27001, NIST 800- 53/FISMA, SOC1,2,3 and SSAE16. 
eFAACTCentral.com is our web portal which provides access to all eFAACT features based on assigned user roles.
eFAACT for QuickBooks Desktop communicates with QuickBooks data hosted in the environment of your choosing. *includes eFAACT desktop and requires QuickBooks Desktop subscription.
eFAACT for QuickBooks Online communicates with QuickBooks Online directly from our web portal eFAACTCentral.com. *requires QuickBooks Online subscription