Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between eFAACT Hosted and eFAACT GovCon Cloud?

A. eFAACT GovCloud includes hosting of your QuickBooks desktop license within a cloud environment.

Q. Is their a fee per eF Web (time and expense entry) user?

A. Each eFAACT subscription includes unlimted eFAACT Web logins for the same cost.

Q. Is eFAACT compatible with the QuickBooks Online Version?

A. eFAACT helps assure the government that you have a sound financial system for collecting and managing costs. In doing so, eFAACT generates indirect rates and incurred cost reports that are tightly integrated with your financials. On the road to delivering reports, eFAACT continuously evaluates your QuickBooks information and provides guidance for achieving compliance that will satisfy the detailed eye of a DCAA auditor.
Although Intuit marketing strongly encourages QuickBooks Online, it does not currently contain the necessary functionality required by eFAACT and available in their Pro, Premier and Enterprise desktop versions. Intuit understands the benefits of hosting their desktop software as a complement to the continued advancement of their QuickBooks Online solution, and in doing so established a rigorous Intuit-Authorized Host program.
Our eFAACT GovCon solution includes reliable, secure anytime access to both eFAACT and QuickBooks desktop editions, and is a result of our partnership with Right Networks, the first Intuit-authorized QuickBooks hosting company. Authorized by Intuit, Right Networks also has the option to rent QuickBooks licenses on a monthly basis for those customers who do not already own a desktop license.